Staffan Gyllerup

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UNLABELLED In many European countries there is a tendency towards higher coronary mortality in the northern parts of the country. Furthermore the highest coronary mortality rates are found in the colder parts of Europe. We studied the regional variation in coronary mortality in the 284 Swedish municipalities during a ten-year period and the relation to the(More)
A regional association between cold climate and coronary mortality in Sweden has already been described. This study aimed to investigate whether this association can be explained by differences in socioeconomic factors and found that there was a regional association between coronary mortality and the following socioeconomic factors: prevalence of manual(More)
The hypothesis that cold climate is associated with high coronary mortality in Sweden is tested. Cold exposure was calculated in each of the 284 municipalities of Sweden. There was a significant association between cold exposure and coronary mortality in both sexes in all age groups. The strongest association was found in men aged 40-64 years (coefficient(More)
OBJECTIVE To study degree of blood pressure (BP) control in primary healthcare (PHC) treated hypertensive patients in relation to sex, age, drug treatment, and concomitant diseases. DESIGN Random sample of patients with hypertension. SETTING Ten PHC centres in the Region of Skåne, Sweden. SUBJECTS All the 30- to 95-year-old patients with hypertension(More)
Earlier studies have shown a strong regional association between cold climate and coronary mortality in Sweden and that coronary mortality is more strongly associated with cold climate than with other explanatory factors such as drinking water hardness, socioeconomic factors, tobacco and sales of butter. To examine the joint impact of these factors and to(More)
Earlier studies have shown an association between cold climate and high coronary mortality. The aim of this study was to elucidate in more detail the effect of drinking water hardness on this association. Drinking water parameters were obtained from 259 municipalities in Sweden over a 10-year period. During the same period a 'cold index' was calculated for(More)
A previous study has shown a strong regional association between cold climate and coronary mortality in Sweden. The present study intended to elucidate further this association, in particular whether or not it could be attributed to smoking, hypertension and fat consumption. The 284 Swedish municipalities were used as units. The outcome was mortality (SMR)(More)
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