Stacy Richey

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OBJECTIVE Our purpose was to determine the cause and describe the natural history of acute pancreatitis complicating pregnancy and its effect on maternal and perinatal outcomes. STUDY DESIGN Over the last decade we admitted 43 pregnant women with acute pancreatitis to our hospital. We reviewed presentation, diagnosis, management, and maternal and(More)
BACKGROUND Demosponges are challenging for phylogenetic systematics because of their plastic and relatively simple morphologies and many deep divergences between major clades. To improve understanding of the phylogenetic relationships within Demospongiae, we sequenced and analyzed seven nuclear housekeeping genes involved in a variety of cellular functions(More)
OBJECTIVE To determine the clinical course and perinatal outcomes of women with pneumonia complicating pregnancy. METHODS Between 1989 and 1993, we admitted 71 pregnant women for treatment of community-acquired pneumonia. Exposure and outcome variables as well as characteristics of their clinical course were identified and analyzed. Two-sample Wilcoxon(More)
OBJECTIVE To determine the correlation between transperineal or translabial ultrasound and digital examination of the cervix in the third trimester in women presenting to the obstetrical triage area complaining of uterine contractions and/or rupture of membranes. METHOD One hundred women were evaluated initially with an ultrasound unit using a 5-MHz(More)
BACKGROUND Hypokalemic periodic paralysis with thyrotoxicosis has never been described in pregnancy or the puerperium. CASE A 31-year-old Hispanic woman underwent three prostaglandin inductions for a second-trimester missed abortion. Her management was complicated by hyperthermia, nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea. She developed isolated proximal muscle(More)
OBJECTIVE Cord blood pH, lactate, hypoxanthine, and erythropoietin levels have all been used as markers of either acute or chronic asphyxia. We sought to determine whether these index values were significantly different in infants with or without meconium-stained amniotic fluid. STUDY DESIGN Fifty-six pregnant women in spontaneous labor at term were(More)
OBJECTIVE The optimal strategy for the initial evaluation and management, including criteria for hospitalization, of pregnant women with pneumonia has not been defined. Our purpose was to evaluate a treatment protocol for antepartum pneumonia and to identify criteria for selection of women for potential outpatient treatment. STUDY DESIGN A protocol based(More)
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