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A domain-independent framework for modeling emotion
In this article, we show how psychological theories of emotion shed light on the interaction between emotion and cognition, and thus can inform the design of human-like autonomous agents that mustExpand
EMA: A process model of appraisal dynamics
Current developments in a computational model of emotion processes are discussed and how a single-level model of appraisal obviates a multi-level approach within the context of modeling a naturalistic emotional situation is illustrated. Expand
Taming Decentralized POMDPs: Towards Efficient Policy Computation for Multiagent Settings
A new class of locally optimal algorithms called Joint Equilibrium-based search for policies (JESP) is presented, and piece-wise linear and convexity (PWLC) properties are proved, thus taking steps towards developing algorithms for continuous belief states. Expand
Towards a Common Framework for Multimodal Generation: The Behavior Markup Language
An international effort to unify a multimodal behavior generation framework for Embodied Conversational Agents (ECAs) is described, where the stages represent intent planning, behavior planning and behavior realization is proposed. Expand
The Distress Analysis Interview Corpus of human and computer interviews
The Distress Analysis Interview Corpus (DAIC) contains clinical interviews designed to support the diagnosis of psychological distress conditions such as anxiety, depression, and post traumaticExpand
The Behavior Markup Language: Recent Developments and Challenges
Some of the key challenges identified that the effort is facing are discussed, and a number of projects that already are making use of BML or support its use are reviewed. Expand
SmartBody: behavior realization for embodied conversational agents
SmartBody is presented, an open source modular framework for animating ECAs in real time, based on the notion of hierarchically connected animation controllers, which can employ arbitrary animation algorithms such as keyframe interpolation, motion capture or procedural animation. Expand
SimSensei kiosk: a virtual human interviewer for healthcare decision support
SimSensei Kiosk is presented, an implemented virtual human interviewer designed to create an engaging face-to-face interaction where the user feels comfortable talking and sharing information and development of a fully automatic virtual interviewer able to engage users in 15-25 minute interactions. Expand
Emotional Expressions Reconsidered: Challenges to Inferring Emotion From Human Facial Movements
There is an urgent need for research that examines how people actually move their faces to express emotions and other social information in the variety of contexts that make up everyday life, as well as careful study of the mechanisms by which people perceive instances of emotion in one another. Expand
Toward the holodeck: integrating graphics, sound, character and story
An initial prototype of a holodeck- like environment that is created for the Mission Rehearsal Exercise Project to create an experience learning system where the participants are immersed in an environment where they can encounter the sights, sounds, and circumstances of real-world scenarios. Expand