Stacy Kirkpatrick

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0 q x(q) dq + 1 2 2 Z 1 0 q (x(q) ? ~ x(q)) dq ?f P () ? a N (); (36) and the result follows by taking the limit N ! 1. Therefore, the Parisi free energy, with these assumptions, is proven to be at least a rigorous upper bound for the innnite volume limit of the free energy of the model. In a forthcoming paper 4], we show that there is good evidence, not a(More)
Migration of vascular smooth muscle cells is a fundamental process in the development of intimal hyperplasia, a precursor to development of cardiovascular disease and a potential response to injury of an arterial wall. Boyden chamber experiments are used to quantify the motion of cell populations in response to a chemoattractant gradient (i.e., cell(More)
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