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Statistical testing of software based on a usage model is a cost-effective and efficient means to make inferences about software quality. In order to apply this method, a usage model is developed and analyzed to validate its fitness for use in testing. The model may then be used to generate test cases representing expected usage, and to reason about system(More)
Preface This document summarizes the basic computations for Markov chain usage models, presents their derivations, and includes Scilab code to compute each of them. The contents of this document are the result of years of work by many different people, and very few results are original. Jesse Poore did the original work on Markov chain usage models [17,(More)
Information systems now form the backbone of nearly every government and private system. Increasingly these systems are networked together allowing for distributed operations, sharing of databases, and redundant capability. Ensuring these networks are secure, robust, and reliable is critical for the strategic and economic well being of the Nation. This(More)