Stacie L Schneider

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A newly revised operation for controlling spasticity in cerebral palsy patients, selective dorsal rhizotomy (SDR), has the potential to affect bladder function. The goal of this multidisciplinary study is to investigate the potential change in bladder function by characterizing and comparing pre- and post-operative symptoms and bladder function, both(More)
Data on the functional development of brain structures in early childhood are scarce. Cognition changes markedly from pre-school age to school age, and we thought it of interest to examine the level of functional activity of selected brain regions. Nine preschool children were studied and compared with eight school children and eighteen adults. Xe133(More)
Current strategies for repairing the adult CNS following injury include cell transplantation and/or the use of viral vectors to deliver therapeutic agents. Although promising, both techniques are limited in their usefulness due to the immunological response triggered in the brain as a result of the introduction of foreign antigens. An alternative method to(More)
Introduction: In older patients we documented the incidence of additional injuries in shoulder dislocations in a non-randomised, prospective study and compared the results of conservative and of operative therapy of rotator cuff tears. Material and methods: Between 1993 and 1999 a total of 87 patients were prospectively enrolled. In the case of documented(More)
The effect of intravenous aminophylline (10 mg/kg) on cerebral blood flow (CBF) and single flash visual evoked potential (VEP) was investigated in 16 preterm infants (range 25–34 weeks). All infants were weaned from mechanical ventilation and had normal brain ultrasonograms. CBF, PaO2, PaCO2, mean arterial blood pressure and VEP were recorded before,(More)
The presentation of breast cancer in a male as a solitary axillary mass is very unusual. In general, though the disease presents later in men than in women, the presentation is essentially the same in either gender group. Late and/or atypical presentation, however, delays diagnosis and treatment and carries a much worse prognosis.
Use of community health workers (CHWs) to obtain health, social, and environmental information from African-American inner-city children with asthma was one component of a larger intervention study designed to reduce morbidity in African-American children with asthma. A subset of 140 school-aged children with asthma was recruited and enrolled in a program(More)
Urban minority families with children with asthma often live in homes with allergen and irritant exposures harmful to these children. We enrolled 392 African-American asthmatic children, male and female, aged 5 to 12, from 42 schools in Washington, DC and Baltimore, MD. The project is designed to test the effectiveness of school-based asthma education(More)