Stacie K. Reckling

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Reactivation of dormant infections causes an immense burden of morbidity and mortality in the world at large. Reactivation can occur as a result of immunosuppression, environmental insult, or aging; however, the cause of reactivation of such infections is often not clear. We have previously shown that persistence of the parasite Leishmania major is(More)
Natural regulatory T (T reg) cells are involved in control of the immune response, including response to pathogens. Previous work has demonstrated that the repertoire of natural T reg cells may be biased toward self-antigen recognition. Whether they also recognize foreign antigens and how this recognition contributes to their function remain unknown. Our(More)
BACKGROUND The mucosal pathogenesis of HIV has been shown to be an important feature of infection and disease progression. HIV-1 infection causes depletion of intestinal lamina propria CD4+ T cells (LPL), therefore, intestinal CD4+ T cell preservation may be a useful correlate of protection in evaluating vaccine candidates. Vaccine studies employing the(More)
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