Stacey White

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A set of foundation issues that support employee work and service quality is conceptualized as a necessary but not sufficient cause of a climate for service, which in turn is proposed to be reflected in customer experiences. Climate for service rests on the foundation issues, but in addition it requires policies and practices that focus attention directly(More)
In the United States, the federal government is increasingly relying on local goremmcnts to implement policies that address the nation's lingering environmental problems. Yet, little is knoll"n ahout the factors that influence local !ere/ implementation of' a federal mandate. This paper explores local govcmment response to the NPDES Phase II Stonmmter(More)
This study investigates the role of the client isolation technology Public Secure Packet Forwarding (PSPF) in defending 802.11 wireless (Wi-Fi) clients, connected to a public wireless access point, from Address Resolution Protocol (ARP)cache poisoning attacks, or ARP spoofing. Exploitation of wireless attack vectors such as these have been on the rise and(More)
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