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Volitional nonadherence is thought to be common among patients with chronic health conditions, including pediatric asthma. To date, no data have been published on the extent to which, and reasons why, families purposefully adjust their child's asthma regimen. This study provides descriptive data for parental report of volitional nonadherence in a sample of(More)
The purpose of this study was to determine the activity of brown adipose tissue (BAT) and the central nervous system (CNS) during cold exposure in young and older men. Two young, 24 and 21 years, and two older, 76 and 74 years, men participated in the study. Positron emission tomography images showed cold-induced BAT activity was absent in older men but(More)
In the parents of 250 diabetic children the occurrence of juvenile and maturity onset diabetes was found to be more frequent than in the parents of 230 medical students. Assuming a multifactorial poligeneic heredity, the role of common genes predisposing to diabetes cannot be neglected in the manifestation of the two types of the disease. In the families(More)
The occurrence of diabetes mellitus and Addison's disease together is discussed by the authors. The female patient described here had diabetes at the age of four; Addison's disease appeared when the patient was 19 years old. Four years prior to the appearance of Addison's disease, an ophthalmoscopic examination revealed microaneurysms. The examination of(More)
The simultaneous occurrence of HLA B8 and BW15 and B8 antigens is significantly more frequent in diabetic children than in the general population. BW15 alone shows no significant difference but may be considered as a potentiating factor. The relative risk of the manifestation of diabetes in the highest when HLA B8 and BW15 occur simultaneously. In the(More)
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