Stacey R. McGee

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The LH receptor (LHR) is critical for steroidogenesis and gametogenesis. Its essential role is underscored by the developmental and reproductive abnormalities that occur due to genetic mutations identified in the human LHR. In males, activating mutations are associated with precocious puberty and Leydig cell hyperplasia. To generate a mouse model for the(More)
The actions of luteinizing hormone (LH) mediated through its receptor (LHR) are critical for testicular steroidogenesis and Leydig cell differentiation. We have previously characterized transgenic mice expressing a genetically engineered, constitutively active yoked hormone-receptor complex (YHR), in which a fusion protein of human chorionic gonadotropin(More)
Fertility is dependent on the hypothalamic-pituitary-gonadal axis. Each component of this axis is essential for normal reproductive function. Mice with a mutation in the forkhead transcription factor gene, Foxp3, exhibit autoimmunity and infertility. We have previously shown that Foxp3 mutant mice have significantly reduced expression of pituitary(More)
An effective way to control cancer is by prevention. Ovarian cancer is the most lethal gynecological malignancy. Progress in the treatment and prevention of ovarian cancer has been hampered due to the lack of an appropriate animal model and absence of effective chemo-prevention strategies. The domestic hens spontaneously develop ovarian adenocarcinomas that(More)
The objective of the present study was to find the optimum dose of flaxseed that would decrease PG and alter oestrogen pathway endpoints implicated in ovarian cancer. In the study, four groups of fifty 1.5-year-old chickens were fed different amounts of flaxseed (0, 5, 10 or 15% of their total diet) for 4 months and were then killed to collect blood and(More)
BACKGROUND/OBJECTIVE The modulation of the toxic effects of 2-aminoanthracene (2AA) on the liver by apoptosis was investigated. Fisher-344 (F344) rats were exposed to various concentrations of 2AA for 14 and 28 days. The arylamine 2AA is an aromatic hydrocarbon employed in manufacturing chemicals, dyes, inks, and it is also a curing agent in epoxy resins(More)
The luteinizing hormone receptor, LHCGR, is essential for fertility in males and females, and genetic mutations in the receptor have been identified that result in developmental and reproductive defects. We have previously generated and characterized a mouse model (KiLHR(D582G)) for familial male-limited precocious puberty caused by an activating mutation(More)
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