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Marine organisms such as seaweeds, sponges and corals protect their own surfaces from fouling by their high anesthetic, repellant, and settlement inhibition properties. Within the marine ecosystem, evolution has allowed for the development of certain antifouling properties. Isatin is a biologically active chemical produced by an Alteromonas sp. strain(More)
Recently we published a paper studying biological systems (system-level understanding in biological science), from the physical-chemical point of view, and involving irreversible thermodynamics and nonlinear kinetic theory of open systems which are founded on nonequilibrium statistical mechanics [1]. The reason of this research was to progress in direction(More)
Biofouling is the undesirable growth of organisms on artificial and natural structures immersed in either seawater or freshwater. It causes huge economic loss and also the global prohibition on known antifouling agents has led to increase hunt for safe and effective antifouling agents. In the past, marine natural products have shown tremendous potential by(More)
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