Stacey L. Poznanski

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BACKGROUND Core content in Emergency Medicine Residency Programs is traditionally covered in didactic sessions, despite evidence suggesting that learners do not retain a significant portion of what is taught during lectures. DISCUSSION We describe techniques that medical educators can use when leading teaching sessions to foster engagement and encourage(More)
INTRODUCTION Since 2011 two online, validated exams for fourth-year emergency medicine (EM) students have been available (National EM M4 Exams). In 2013 the National Board of Medical Examiners offered the Advanced Clinical Examination in Emergency Medicine (EM-ACE). All of these exams are now in widespread use; however, there are no data on how they(More)
The influence of sex and gender on patient care is just being recognized in emergency medicine (EM). Providers are realizing the need to improve outcomes for both men and women by incorporating sex- and gender-specific science into clinical practice, while EM researchers are now beginning to study novel sex- and gender-specific perspectives in the areas of(More)
INTRODUCTION In April 2013, the National Board of Medical Examiners (NBME) released an Advanced Clinical Examination (ACE) in emergency medicine (EM). In addition to this new resource, CDEM (Clerkship Directors in EM) provides two online, high-quality, internally validated examinations. National usage statistics are available for all three examinations,(More)
We were unable to reduce the dislocation despite moderate sedation with etomidate. The patient was also seen by orthopedic surgery in the ED. At follow-up two days later, he was noted to have mildly decreased sensation in the peroneal nerve distribution. He was scheduled for surgery, but prior to repair he slipped and felt a " pop. " Pre-operative(More)
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