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BACKGROUND Working memory problems have been targeted as core deficits in individuals with Fragile X syndrome (FXS); however, there have been few studies that have examined working memory in young boys with FXS, and even fewer studies that have studied the working memory performance of young boys with FXS across different degrees of complexity. The purpose(More)
Although it is generally accepted that social risk factors predict delays in early cognitive and language development, there is less agreement about how to represent such associations statistically. Using data collected prospectively on 87 African American children during their first 4 years, this study examined 3 analytic methods for describing a child's(More)
The relation of otitis media with effusion (OME) and associated hearing loss to language and cognitive skills at 1 year of age was studied to determine whether OME-related hearing loss had a direct association with language and cognitive outcomes at 1 year of age or an indirect association with these outcomes, as mediated by the child-rearing environment.(More)
BACKGROUND To evaluate the ability of community-based exercise programmes to facilitate public participation in exercise and hence improved cardiovascular health, we assessed the respective impacts of: a continuously monitored exercise programme based within our university (study 1); a Valleys Regional Park-facilitated community-based outdoor exercise(More)
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