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AIMS To assess the visual function in epileptic patients who have received vigabatrin; to compare this with the visual function in similar epileptic patients who have never received vigabatrin; to investigate whether the severity of visual field defect (VFD) is related to the dose of vigabatrin; to consider other factors that may correlate with the severity(More)
anemias of chronic bone marrow failure are disorders other than iron deficiency, folate deficiency, and vitamin B 12 deficiency in which anemia is present and the reticulocyte count does not increase appropriately. These anemias are commonly (but not always) normochromic and nor-mocytic. The differential diagnosis of the anemias of bone marrow failure is(More)
To control symptoms and prevent increasing disability in children with active polyarticular Juvenile Idiopathic Arthritis (JIA), long-term, effective treatment that controls all aspects of the disease is necessary. Individual ACR Pedi response criteria were analyzed for the 128 patients who entered the open-label extension (OLE) of the Phase III study of(More)
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