Stacey Childress

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STATEMENT OF PROBLEM Visual color matching to determine shades in dentistry is inconsistent and unreliable. If accurate, instrumental measurement of tooth color would provide objective, quantified data to match natural teeth to clinical shade guides. PURPOSE This study evaluated and compared the ability of a new computerized colorimeter and a simple(More)
Human glioblastomas of the brain are characterized by a wide range of proton relaxation rates in vitro (1/T1 and 1/T2) and heterogeneous appearance in magnetic resonance imaging. It was previously found that their 1/T1 values vary widely at magnetic field strengths much below imaging fields, even at the same water content. In the present study, we measure(More)
Working papers are in draft form. This working paper is distributed for purposes of comment and discussion only. It may not be reproduced without permission of the copyright holder. Copies of working papers are available from the author. ABSTRACT: This working paper offers concrete examples of improved productivity and efficiencies at the district level,(More)
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