Stacey C. Brauner

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We studied the relation between prostaglandin analogue use and ocular adnexal features. We used a prospective, cross-sectional study involving 157 current, 15 past, and 171 never users of prostaglandin analogues. Patients 50 years of age or older and without conditions affecting ocular adnexal anatomy underwent glaucoma medication use history, external(More)
PURPOSE To examine the relationship between proportion of African ancestry (PAA) and proliferative diabetic retinopathy (PDR) and to identify genetic loci associated with PDR using admixture mapping in African Americans with type 2 diabetes (T2D). METHODS Between 1993 and 2013, 1440 participants enrolled in four different studies had fundus photographs(More)
PURPOSE To investigate biomarker differences in routine preoperative blood tests performed on primary open-angle glaucoma (POAG) case and control patients presenting for anterior segment eye surgery. METHODS POAG cases and age-related cataract surgery patients (controls) who underwent anterior segment surgery at Massachusetts Eye and Ear from January 2009(More)
OBJECTIVES To assess resident cataract surgery outcomes at an academic teaching institution using 2 Physician Quality Reporting System (PQRS) cataract measures, which are intended to serve as a proxy for quality of surgical care. DESIGN A retrospective review comparing cataract surgery outcomes of resident and attending surgeries using 2 PQRS measures:(More)
AIMS To compare swept-source optical coherence tomography (SS-OCT) and enhanced depth imaging spectral-domain OCT (EDI-OCT) in quantitative assessment of optic nerve head (ONH) parameters. METHODS In a cross-sectional study, patients with primary open angle glaucoma (POAG) and age-matched control subjects underwent SS-OCT and EDI-OCT B-scans of the ONH in(More)
BACKGROUND AND OBJECTIVE The purpose of this study was to compare the tensile strength of sutures commonly used for ophthalmic surgery and the role of physiologically balanced saline comparable to the ocular environment to material failure. MATERIALS AND METHODS Ophthalmic sutures (9-0 and 10-0 nylon, 7-0 and 8-0 polyglactin 910, and 10-0 polypropylene)(More)
PURPOSE To evaluate the difference between target and actual refraction after phacoemulsification and intraocular lens implantation at an academic teaching institution's Comprehensive Ophthalmology Service. DESIGN Retrospective study. PARTICIPANTS We examined 1275 eye surgeries for this study. METHODS All consecutive cataract surgeries were included(More)