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This work presents One-press control, a tactile input method for pressure-sensitive keyboards based on the detection and classification of pressing movements on the already held-down key. To seamlessly integrate the added control input with existing practices for ordinary computer keyboards, the redefined notion of virtual modifier keys is introduced. A(More)
Inspired by the role sound and friction play in interactions with everyday objects, this work aims to identify some of the ways in which kinetic surface friction rendering can complement interactive sonification controlled by movable objects. In order to do this, a tactile system is presented which implements a movable physical object with programmable(More)
The cyclotactor is a novel platform for finger-based tactile interaction research. The operating principle is to track vertical fingerpad position above a freely approachable surface aperture, while directly projecting a force on the same fingerpad. The projected force can be specified in Newtons, with high temporal resolution. In combination with a(More)
This paper presents developments in the technology underlying the cyclotactor, a finger-based tactile I/O device for musical interaction. These include significant improvements both in the basic characteristics of tactile interaction and in the related (vibro)tactile sample rates, latencies, and timing precision. After presenting the new prototype's tactile(More)
This paper proposes a new research direction for the large family of instrumental musical interfaces where sound is generated using digital granular synthesis, and where interaction and control involve the (fine) operation of stiff, flat contact surfaces. First, within a historical context, a general absence of, and clear need for, tangible output that is(More)
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