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The conversion of EEG findings and the evolution of clinical signs was investigated in 7 CJD patients who underwent serial EEG recordings along the course. At the onset of PSWC (mean 8.7 weeks), 5 patients had already progressed to akinetic mutism (characterized by loss of verbal contact and directed responses); and a CJD-typical-movement disorder(More)
A report of first results of a simultaneous analysis of the phasic pupillary light reflex and visual evoked potentials (VEP). It is shown that combination of pupillography with VEP analysis can be of some use in the diagnosis of conductive defects of the optic nerve (e.g. optic neuritis). Furthermore, the simultaneous analysis allows distinction between(More)
In 9 patients with congenital and acquired lesions of the optic radiation, videopupillographic investigations have been employed to determine the pupillographic threshold in the homonymous field defect. The study includes 3 patients suffering from congenital porencephalic cysts. The pupillary response was graded as akinetic, hypokinetic or eukinetic. These(More)
Clinical symptoms and course in a 28 year old woman who suffered from rabies are reported. Neurophysiological and neuropathological findings in this patient, who died 21 days after developing initial symptoms, are presented in more detail. This disease appears to be rare in Central Europe. It can be treated effectively only by means of early detection and a(More)
A centralized EEG system installed in a neurologic intensive care unit is described. It is the first step to a computerized EEG monitoring which on the basis of conventional EEG recordings already permits a "brain monitoring" to some extent. It consists of a system for total EEG diagnosis which is connected with a central EEG laboratory via long-distance(More)
This study demonstrates the possibilities of continuous frequency analysis supporting the evaluation of long lasting EEG recordings which present problems in analysing large amount of data. Avoiding some disadvantages of the usual presentation of power spectra by compressed spectral array compression of the spectral data will be obtained in a more suitable(More)