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In adult mammalian brain, two main germinative regions located in the subventricular zone of the lateral ventricle and in the subgranular cell layer of the hippocampal dentate gyrus have been considerably documented and are still under intense scrutiny. However, new neuron formation has recently been reported in various other brain areas including the(More)
The discovery of neural stem cells (NSC) which ensure continuous neurogenesis in the adult mammalian brain, has led to a conceptual revolution in basic neuroscience and to high hopes for clinical nervous tissue repair. However, several research issues remain to address before neural stem cells can be harnessed for regenerative therapies. The presence of NSC(More)
The dorsal vagal complex (DVC) is the brainstem integrative center that mediates the satiety reflex and relays autonomic neural responses to stress. The DVC displays adult neurogenesis, intrinsic neural stem cells and a high brain-derived neurotrophic factor (BDNF) content, effectors of plasticity that are modulated by stress in the hippocampus. In this(More)
Age-related increases of body weight and adiposity, indicating dysregulation of food intake/energy expenditure, can be prevented in rodents by long-term 40% caloric restriction. The dorsal vagal complex (DVC), the brainstem center mediating the satiety reflex, has recently emerged as a determinant effector of long-term feeding adaptation. To study the(More)
In order to improve cell therapy techniques, we have characterized a multipotent neural precursor cell isolation technique from the subventricular zone of adult pig brain. The pig is a non-primate species that is immunologically closest to human. The proliferative zone of this neurogenic structure was first localized in situ in the pig brain by Ki-67(More)
We attempted transplantation of adult neural stem cells (ANSCs) inside an autologous venous graft following surgical transsection of nervis cruralis with 30 mm long gap in adult pig. The transplanted cell suspension was a primary culture of neurospheres from adult pig subventricular zone (SVZ) which had been labeled in vitro with BrdU or lentivirally(More)
Adipocyte-derived hormone leptin has been recently implicated in the control of neuronal plasticity. To explore whether modulation of adult neurogenesis may contribute to leptin control of neuronal plasticity, we used the neurosphere assay of neural stem cells derived from the adult rat subventricular zone (SVZ). Endogenous expression of specific leptin(More)
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