Stéphanie Marie Chekem Goka

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OBJECTIVE To obtain a scientific basis of the use of plant-derived preparations by many rural people in Cameroon, for their primary health care needs in the treatment of diseases such as cancer. METHODS The antiproliferative effect of 11 plants methanol crude extracts on four cancer cells using sulforhodamine-B assay and their antioxidant activities using(More)
BACKGROUND Senecio biafrae (Asteraceae) is a medicinal plant widely used by traditional healers in the western region of Cameroon for the treatment of female infertility. This experiment was designed to evaluate the effect of the aqueous extract from leaves and stems of S. biafrae (AESb) on the onset of puberty and some biochemical and physiological(More)
Background and Objective: Aloe buettneri (A), Dicliptera verticillata (D), Hibiscus macranthus (H) and Justicia insularis (J) are medicinal plants whose leaf mixture aqueous extract (ADHJ) is locally used to regulate the menstrual cycle and to treat infertility in women. This study was designed to evaluate the ovarian follicles growth inducing potential of(More)
ETHNOPHARMACOLOGICAL RELEVANCE Senecio biafrae is a plant from the huge family of Asteraceae used in the African pharmacopoeia for the treatment of many ailments among which is infertility. MATERIAL AND METHODS The aqueous extract, which was primarily subjected to polyphenol analysis, has been administered to immature female rats for 20 days at 8, 32, 64(More)
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