Stéphanie Keroack

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Canine leishmaniosis is a common disease in the Mediterranean area, but sporadic cases in dogs having travelled through endemic regions are also reported. The disease's evolution is usually chronic and symptoms are either non-specific (fever, weight loss, lethargy, enlarged lymph nodes), dermatological, renal or ocular. The purpose of this article is to(More)
OBJECTIVE To determine prevalence of adverse effects associated with epidural administration of morphine with or without bupivacaine in dogs and cats undergoing surgery and evaluate effects of epidural administration of morphine on postoperative pain severity. DESIGN Retrospective study. ANIMALS 242 dogs and 23 cats. PROCEDURE Morphine with or without(More)
Due to renal COX-2 constitutive expression, meloxicam is presumably deleterious for kidney function in critical situations. The present study investigates the influence of intravenous meloxicam on renal parameters and compares it with a nonselective COX inhibitor, ketoprofen. Piglets (n = 6 in each group) were treated with ketoprofen (2,(More)
OBJECTIVE To compare the attitudes of French veterinarians to pain, and their provision of analgesia to animals, with that reported from other countries. STUDY DESIGN Epidemiological study. METHODS In June 1999, 379 French veterinarians were surveyed to ascertain their views on pain evaluation and control in dogs and cats, and their use of analgesics in(More)
The aim of this study was to evaluate the role of aldosterone as an initiating and/or perpetuating factor in hypertension associated with pituitary-dependent hyperadrenocorticism (PDH) in dogs. Thirteen dogs with PDH and 11 healthy control dogs were used. In all dogs, arterial blood pressure and plasma sodium, potassium, basal aldosterone, post-ACTH(More)
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