Stéphanie Jacob

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This paper presents a printed organic complementary technology on flexible plastic substrate with high performance N and P-type Organic Thin Film Transistors (OTFTs), based on small-molecule organic semiconductors in solution. Challenges related to the integration of both OTFT types in a common complementary flow are addressed, showing the importance of(More)
This paper presents organic complementary circuits that can be used in an all-organic sheet-to-sheet processed RFID tag on plastic foils. An integrated organic eight-stage rectifier reaching a 14 MHz maximum working frequency is presented, as well as a physical unclonable function generator able to generate a code depending on the organic process scattering.
Large area sensing surface have strong interest for many applicative sectors: transport, health, building, industrial, user interface... Printed electronics offers breakthrough technical solutions to fulfill these applications. Indeed printed sensors, addressed by printed oTFT matrix and circuits, heterogeneously connected to classical Silicon(More)
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