Stéphanie Hocquigny

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Vitis vinifera 'Pinot' clones were analysed at 50 microsatellite loci to assess intravarietal genetic diversity. When analysing leaf tissue DNAs, polymorphism mainly resulted from the appearance of a third allele when two were expected for heterozygous loci in a diploid species. The sequencing of the three microsatellite alleles at two loci has confirmed(More)
The process of vegetative propagation used to multiply grapevine varieties produces, in most cases, clones genetically identical to the parental plant. Nevertheless, spontaneous somatic mutations can occur in the regenerative cells that give rise to the clones, leading to consider varieties as populations of clones that conform to a panel of phenotypic(More)
Clonal polymorphism mainly results from somatic mutations that occur naturally during plant growth. In grapevine, arrays of clones have been selected within varieties as a valuable source of diversity, among them clones showing berry color polymorphism. To identify mutations responsible for this color polymorphism, we studied a collection of 33 clones of(More)
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