Stéphanie Godiot

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In this paper, we present: (i) a novel analog silicon retina featuring auto-adaptive pixels that obey the Michaelis-Menten law, i.e. V=V(m) I(n)/I(n)+σ(n); (ii) a method of characterizing silicon retinas, which makes it possible to accurately assess the pixels' response to transient luminous changes in a ±3-decade range, as well as changes in the initial(More)
The demand for bendable sensors increases constantly in the challenging field of soft and micro-scale robotics. We present here, in more detail, the flexible, functional, insect-inspired curved artificial compound eye (CurvACE) that was previously introduced in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (PNAS, 2013). This cylindrically-bent sensor(More)
CURVACE aims at designing, developing, and assessing CURVed Artificial Compound Eyes, a radically novel family of vision systems. This innovative approach will provide more efficient visual abilities for embedded applications that require motion analysis in low-power and small packages. Compared to conventional cameras, artificial compound eyes will offer a(More)
Experiments on high flux and high brilliance third generation synchrotron X-ray sources and on low dose photon counting cone beam micro-CT imaging require detectors with large surface, high count rates, large counter dynamics, adjustable energy threshold and last but not least fast readout system. The XPAD3 X-ray photon counting imager is a large-surface(More)
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