Stéphanie Déjardin

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Chromatin insulators are genetic elements implicated in the organization of chromatin and the regulation of transcription. In Drosophila, different insulator types were characterized by their locus-specific composition of insulator proteins and co-factors. Insulators mediate specific long-range DNA contacts required for the three dimensional organization of(More)
Fanconi Anemia (FA) is a genetic disorder characterized by elevated cancer susceptibility and pro-inflammatory cytokine production. Using SLX4(FANCP) deficiency as a working model, we questioned the trigger for chronic inflammation in FA. We found that absence of SLX4 caused cytoplasmic DNA accumulation, including sequences deriving from active Long(More)
BACKGROUND A 55-year-old woman with vitiligo, hypothyroidism, interstitial lung disease and diabetes mellitus developed severe insulin resistance during a hospital admission for respiratory failure. Before hospitalization, her HbA(1c) level was 8.1% on approximately 100 U/day of insulin. Her interstitial lung disease had been treated with glucocorticoids,(More)
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