Stéphanie Clément

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G protein-coupled receptors (GPCRs) are seven-transmembrane proteins that participate in many aspects of the endocrine function and are important targets for drug development. They transduce signals mainly, but not exclusively, via hetero-trimeric G proteins, leading to a diversity of intracellular signaling cascades. Ligands binding at the hormone(More)
  • G Berger, J Soubhie, A Van Der Lee, C Vande Velde, R Wintjens, P Dubois +58 others
  • 2014
Interplay between halogen bonding and lone pair-π interactions: a computational and crystal packing study" ChemPlusChem 2014, "Tilted Fiber Bragg Gratings as new sensing device for in situ and real time monitoring of surface-initiated polymerization" Polymer Chemistry 2014,Polylactide stereocomplex crystallization prompted by multiwall carbon(More)
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