Stéphanie Blier

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The human protein p54nrb and its mouse homolog NonO have been implicated in a variety of nuclear processes including transcription, pre-mRNA processing, nuclear retention of edited RNA and DNA relaxation. We have identified p54nrb as an antigen of the phosphodependent monoclonal antibodies CC-3 and MPM-2 and shown that this protein is phosphorylated on(More)
The RNA-binding protein p54(nrb) is involved in many nuclear processes including transcription, RNA processing, and retention of hyperedited RNAs. In interphase cells, p54(nrb) localizes to the nucleoplasm and concentrates with protein partners in the paraspeckles via an interaction with the non-coding RNA Neat1. During mitosis, p54(nrb) becomes(More)
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