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A simple, efficient protocol for direct in vitro shoot organogenesis and regeneration was established for three species of Miscanthus including two clones of Miscanthus x giganteus, one clone of M. sinensis and one clone of M. sacchariflorus. Shoots were induced from the axillary nodes of both M. x giganteus and M. sacchariflorus and from apical meristems(More)
A wider range of Miscanthus varieties is required to develop Miscanthus clones that are suitable for bioenergy production. For this reason, breeding programs need to be initiated using knowledge regarding the genetic influence on floral biological traits. The objective of the present study was to characterize the genotypic variation in flowering and panicle(More)
The lignocellulosic C4 perennial crop miscanthus and, more particularly, one of its species, Miscanthus × giganteus, are especially interesting for bioenergy production because they combine high biomass production with a low environmental impact. However, few varieties are available, which is risky due to disease susceptibility. Gathering worldwide(More)
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