Stéphanie Albert

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The floor plate is an organising centre that controls neural differentiation and axonogenesis in the neural tube. The axon guidance molecule Netrin1 is expressed in the floor plate of zebrafish embryos. To elucidate the regulatory mechanisms underlying expression in the floor plate, we scanned the netrin1 locus for regulatory regions and identified an(More)
The secreted molecule Sonic hedgehog (Shh) is crucial for floor plate and ventral brain development in amniote embryos. In zebrafish, mutations in cyclops (cyc), a gene that encodes a distinct signal related to the TGF(beta) family member Nodal, result in neural tube defects similar to those of shh null mice. cyc mutant embryos display cyclopia and lack(More)
Glycosylation is an important mechanism for modulating the physicochemical and biological properties of proteins in a stage- and tissue-specific manner. The enzymology of this process is just beginning to be understood. Here we present the molecular analysis of mas-1 (mannosidase-1), a Drosophila gene with significant homologies to mammalian and(More)
In zebrafish, development of the ventral neural tube depends on the Nodal-related signal Cyclops (Cyc). One-day-old cyc mutant embryos lack the medial floor plate (MFP). We show here that cells expressing MFP marker genes differentiate gradually in cyc mutant embryos in a delayed manner during the second day of development. This late differentiation is(More)
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