Stéphane Turcotte

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BACKGROUND While shared decision making (SDM) and adherence to clinical practice guidelines (CPGs) are important, some believe they are incompatible. This study explored the mutual influence between physicians' intention to engage in SDM and their intention to follow CPGs. METHODS Embedded within a clustered randomized trial to assess the impact of(More)
OBJECTIVES While shared decision making (SDM) promotes health-related decisions that are informed, value-based and adhered to, few studies report on theory-based approaches to SDM adoption by healthcare professionals. We aimed to identify the factors influencing dietitians' intentions to adopt two SDM behaviours: 1) present dietary treatment options to(More)
BACKGROUND The assessment of the quality of mammography services delivered in organized breast cancer screening programs should include measures centered on women's perceptions. The objective of this study was to develop and validate an instrument in French designed to evaluate the satisfaction of women having a screening mammography. METHODS An(More)
OBJECTIVES Unresolved clinically significant decisional conflict (CSDC) in patients following a consultation with health professionals is often the result of inadequate patient involvement in decision-making and may result in poor outcomes. We sought to identify the prevalence of CSDC in studies on decision-making in primary care and to explore its risk(More)
The net benefits of routine breast cancer screening with mammography have been questioned, and there is evidence to indicate that supporting women to make an informed decision about breast cancer screening with mammography is preferable. The aims of this study were to assess the intention of family physicians to provide women with this support and the(More)
BACKGROUND Little is known about factors influencing professionals' use of wikis. OBJECTIVE We developed and validated two questionnaires to assess health care professionals' intention to use wiki-based reminders for the management of trauma patients. METHODS We developed questionnaires for emergency physicians (EPs) and allied health professions (AHPs)(More)
BACKGROUND Documenting feedback during clinical supervision using field notes (FN) is a recommended competency-based evaluation strategy that will require changes in the culture of medical education. This study identified factors influencing the intention to adopt FN in family medicine training, using the theory of planned behaviour. METHODS This(More)
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