Stéphane Salamone

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We report the case of an elderly woman excreting high levels (about 5 x 10(5) virions per gram of faeces) of Norwalk-like virus (NLV) in the absence of any clinical symptoms of gastroenteritis. Analysis by reverse transcription, polymerase chain reaction and DNA sequencing was carried out on a 342-nucleotide region of open reading frame 1. This indicated(More)
The powerful chemo-enzymatic synthesis of the pentadecasaccharide hapten involved in the first synthetic carbohydrate-based vaccine candidate against endemic shigellosis is reported. The high yielding site-selective α-D-glucosylation of a lightly protected disaccharide by an engineered transglucosylase-sucrose system gave a trisaccharide, which was(More)
Chemo-enzymatic strategies hold great potential for the development of stereo- and regioselective syntheses of structurally defined bioactive oligosaccharides. Herein, we illustrate the potential of the appropriate combination of a planned chemo-enzymatic pathway and an engineered biocatalyst for the multistep synthesis of an important decasaccharide for(More)
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