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The purpose of this study was to examine the effects on the nervous system in enamels-production workers who have low levels of and long exposure to manganese (Mn). The study included 138 Mn-exposed workers and 137 controls who received questionnaires on symptoms, a battery of psychological tests, and assessments of blood concentrations of metal. The(More)
Links curation, i.e. finding relevant information within the WorldWide Web and its ever-growing amount of content is a crucial problem for information access. Hyperlinks recommendation has been for a long time a common way to share references between web users, be it by e-mail exchanges, instant messages or forums. We explore in this paper how Social Media(More)
We analyse the dynamics of the network of comments between users on Flickr website through the evolution of the overall structure of the network, but also through the local neighbourhoods and the way they are set up. We observe that there is no significant change in the overall structure of the network if we only consider the reciprocal links or if we(More)
Neonates and infants with hypocalcemia usually present with seizures, whereas this is less common in older children and teenagers. We report on a case of hypocalcemic seizures in a 16-year-old girl with undiagnosed end-stage renal disease with progressive growth retardation and bone deformations. We highlight the value of checking serum calcium, phosphate,(More)
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