Stéphane Ploteau

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PURPOSE Recently, progress has been made in the surgical management of benign pancreatic tumors sparing as much of the pancreatic parenchyma and pancreatic function as possible. However, the main complication of partial pancreatectomy is the disruption of pancreatic ducts ensuing leak of pancreatic secretion leading to the formation of pancreatic fistulae.(More)
OBJECTIVE To compare deep circumflex iliac (DCI) and deep inferior epigastric (DIE) pedicles as potential recipient vessels for a whole ovarian microvascular transplantation. DESIGN Anatomical study. SETTING Laboratory of anatomy, university center. PATIENT(S) Ten fresh human female cadavers. INTERVENTION(S) Anatomical dissections, vascular(More)
A 5-cm umbilical endometriotic lesion associated with a nodule of the posterior aspect of the cervix was discovered in a 32-year-old woman who was consulting for primary infertility. Histological examination of these lesions confirmed smooth muscle hyperplasia that was infiltrated by numerous endometrial glands (adenomyosis).
OBJECTIVE To compare the effect of corticosteroids combined with local anaesthetic versus local anaesthetic alone during infiltrations of the pudendal nerve for pudendal nerve entrapment. DESIGN Randomised, double-blind, controlled trial. SETTING Multicentre study. POPULATION 201 patients were included in the study, with a subgroup of 122 women. (More)
OBJECTIVE The aim of this study was to describe the arterial supply of the coracoid process and to define its possible involvement in complications of Latarjet procedure. METHOD Five shoulder dissections were performed to highlight the extraosseous blood supply of the coracoid process. Postmortem arteriographies of the upper limb were performed.(More)
OBJECTIVE To draw a parallel between the contraceptive methods prescribed in the post-natal ward and the contraceptive methods taken by patients during their postnatal visit. PATIENTS AND METHODS This piece of work draws information from a prospective 10 weeks study at a University Teaching Hospital post-natal ward on the contraception that is prescribed(More)
Several studies have assessed the potential role of environmental chemicals in the onset, growth, and/or physiopathology of endometriosis. However, their contour in terms of considered exposure markers remains limited. The present study aimed to characterize the internal exposure levels of 78 persistent organic pollutants (POPs, including dioxins,(More)
A 30-year-old woman, G3P3, was progressively affected by spastic paraparesis with loss of sensitivity and urinary incontinence due to medullar adhesive arachnoiditis occurring five months after an epidural analgesia for repeat cesarean section. Magnetic resonance imaging showed a voluminous subarachnoid cyst and a septated syringomyelic cavitation(More)