Stéphane Paradis

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The concepts of threat evaluation and weapons allocation (TEWA) in the defense domain have traditionally been considered from the single platform perspective. However, with the current trend in defense towards network-centric warfare, that is the linking of sensors, engagement systems and decision-makers into an effective and responsive whole, it is(More)
Reaction time of current and future naval warships is eroded since they are expected to operate in a large variety of situations with constantly increasing complexity. To cope with diverse air and surface threats, the warships, either operating in a single ship configuration or within a task group, will require their combat power resources to be efficiently(More)
The Defence R&D Canada – Valcartier has undertaken R&D work to provide Canadian warships with a revolutionary decision support capability explicitly designed to make the automation transparent and provide warfighters with effective and trusted decision support. This effort uses cognitive system engineering (CSE) as the essential design framework. CSE(More)
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