Stéphane P Haÿs

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Health status measures are conceptually relevant to the assessment of clinical outcome in the rheumatic diseases, but their ability to detect meaningful changes in health has not been clearly demonstrated. This report describes the performance of a self-administered health status questionnaire in a randomized, double-blind, 21-week comparison of placebo,(More)
Breast milk glutamate is a potential gluconeogenic substrate. However, in piglets, most dietary glutamate undergoes first pass extraction by the gut, limiting its contribution to glucose formation. The objectives of the study were to determine in preterm infants, whether dietary glutamate increases plasma [glutamate] in a dose-dependent fashion and whether(More)
A prospective controlled, double-blind multicenter trial compared placebo, auranofin (an orally administered gold complex), and parenteral gold sodium thiomalate (GST) in patients with active rheumatoid arthritis (RA). Of 193 patients who received any treatment, the only important improvement identified for either auranofin or GST was for pain/tenderness(More)
Two hundred eight patients were studied in a prospective, controlled, double-blind multicenter trial comparing auranofin (AUR), gold sodium thiomalate (GST), and placebo. One hundred sixty-one patients completed at least 20 weeks of therapy. Response to a variety of measures of efficacy was generally modest for both gold treatment groups although(More)
The diagnosis of pulmonary emboli may be difficult or delayed because of the clinical similarity to other acute medical events or from superimposed embolic phenomena in patients with pre-existing pulmonary and cardiovascular disease. The clinical presentation, diagnosis, and medical and surgical intervention in patients with massive emboli are discussed.
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