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Satellites can complement terrestrial networks in Internet service provision by addressing the market which lies out of their reach. Despite of the global coverage, satellite networks entail high propagation delays and usually limited user bandwidth. VoIP is an example of an application which is subject to performance impairments due to these(More)
Because of the ever-increasing traffic and quality demands for both internet and television, satellite systems must aim at designs that use the satellite resources in the most efficient way possible. In the case of multibeam satellite systems, this is achieved by making optimal use of the plurality of beams in terms of frequency reuse, power allocation, and(More)
Ray tracing is an important part in field computation when applying geometrical optics (GO) and geometrical theory of diffraction (GTD). Tracing of specific rays may be carried out in two different ways, often denoted forward and backward ray tracing. In both of these, rays are conveniently distinguished by their type stating the scattering surfaces and(More)
To comply with the continually growing demand for multimedia content and higher throughputs, the telecommunication industry has to keep improving the use of the bandwidth resources, leading to the well-known Frequency Assignment Problems (FAP). In this article, we present a new extension of these problems to the case of satellite systems that use a(More)
In a society where the demand for multimedia applications and data exchange is experiencing an unstoppable growth, multibeam systems have proven to be one of the most relevant solutions for satellite-based communication systems. Though already well represented among the geostationary satellites today, there are still several unresolved design optimization(More)
Satellite communications can play an important role in extending the reach of broadband networks to terrestrially underserved areas. However, several popular Internet applications could suffer from performance degradation over satellite (e.g. realtime gamming, web browsing, VoIP), thus necessitating protocol modifications and additional optimisation(More)
Euclidean norm computations over continuous variables appear naturally in the constraints or in the objective of many problems in the optimization literature, possibly defining non-convex feasible regions or cost functions. When some other variables have discrete domains, it positions the problem in the challenging Mixed Integer Nonlinear Programming(More)
As a result of the continually growing demand for multimedia content and higher throughputs in wireless communication systems, the telecommunication industry has to keep improving the use of the bandwidth resources. This access to the radiofrequency spectrum is both limited and expensive, which has naturally lead to the definition of the generic class of(More)
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