Stéphane Mounier

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A new experimental hand prosthesis design is presented that differs from that of conventional prostheses. With the objective of addressing consumers' requirements, functionality was increased and cosmetic appearance became more natural. By integrating a hydraulic system with 8 small fluidic actuators at the digit joints, different important grasping(More)
In this paper we introduce a new inner filters correction method for standard flu-orometer. The Controlled Dilution Approach (CDA) deals with highly absorbing solutions using the Fluorescent Excitation-Emission Matrix of a controlled weak dilution. Along with the non linear FEEM of the original solution, these two infor-mations allow to estimate the(More)
This paper describes the conception of a decision support tool which will, first, help healthy people to manage the risk to becoming diabetic and give them instructions to change their lifestyle in order to minimize it, and also, help diabetic people to avoid the risk of diabetes complications.
In a laboratory study, metal contamination experiments were conducted to investigate the effects of two free copper concentrations (10−9 and 10−8 M) on cell growth and on dissolved organic matter exudation by a marine diatom Skeletonema costatum. Throughout incubation, the growth kinetics and exudation of extracellular molecules (i.e. dissolved organic(More)
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