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The aim of this work was to evaluate the effects of UV-visible irradiation on organic carbon concentration, fluorescence intensity and metal transport ability of the natural organic matter (NOM) at fixed pH values and under several types of atmosphere (air, N(2), O(2)). The water samples were obtained from various sampling sites along the Rio Negro (Amazon(More)
This study presents trace elements levels in surface and deep sediments of the Toulon bay (SE France) subjected to anthropogenic inputs (navy base, harbors, etc.). The studied elements (As, Cd, Cr, Cu, Hg, Ni, Pb, Zn) are defined as priority contaminants in aquatic systems. Fifty-five points scattered on the entire bay were sampled, allowing the(More)
Natural organic matter (NOM) behaviour towards proton is an important parameter to understand NOM fate in the environment. Moreover, it is necessary to determine NOM acid-base properties before investigating trace metals complexation by natural organic matter. This work focuses on the possibility to determine these acid-base properties by accurate and(More)
A study of the three-dimensional excitation-emission fluorescence matrix (EEFM) of organic matter from the Amazon basin rivers is reported in this paper. The EEFM, applied to the fractions obtained from sequential tangential ultrafiltration (STUF), give spectroscopic informations on the fluorescent properties of particulate (>0.22 microm), colloidal and(More)
A new experimental hand prosthesis design is presented that differs from that of conventional prostheses. With the objective of addressing consumers' requirements, functionality was increased and cosmetic appearance became more natural. By integrating a hydraulic system with 8 small fluidic actuators at the digit joints, different important grasping(More)
Health authorities currently have high expectations for telemedicine (TM), as it addresses several major challenges: to improve access to healthcare (especially for patients in underserved or remote areas); to overcome the scarcity of specialists faced with epidemic disease; and to reduce the costs of healthcare while improving quality. The aims of TM in(More)
The influence of an adsorbed layer of the natural organic matter (NOM) on voltammetric behaviour of copper on a mercury drop electrode in natural water samples was studied. The adsorption of NOM strongly affects the differential pulse anodic stripping voltammogram (DPASV) of copper, leading to its distortion. Phase sensitive ac voltammetry confirmed that(More)
A two-step protocol (nano-filtration and reverse osmosis) was applied for natural organic matter (NOM) preconcentration of a seawater sample. Complexing affinities of the so concentrated marine dissolved NOM (DNOM) towards major and trace cations were studied by potentiometric and voltammetric titration techniques. The potentiometric titration experiments(More)
Fluorescent excitation-emission matrices (FEEM) of the fluorescent dissolved organic matter (FDOM) are widely used for DOM characterization and tracing. In this work, a set of FEEM from sampling campaigns in the Sepetiba Bay (Brazil) was decomposed into independent components using the parallel factor analysis (PARAFAC) algorithm. Four independent(More)