Stéphane Mottelet

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Suppose that univariate data are drawn from a mixture of two distributions that are equal up to a shift parameter. Such a model is known to be nonidentifiable from a nonparametric viewpoint. However, if we assume that the unknown mixed distribution is symmetric, we obtain the identifiability of this model, which is then defined by four unknown parameters:(More)
Due to severe mathematical modeling and calibration difficulties open-loop feedforward control is mainly employed today for wastewater denitrification, which is a key ecological issue. In order to improve the resulting poor performances a new model-free control setting and its corresponding “intelligent” controller are introduced. The pitfall of regulating(More)
This paper deals with a new method to control flexible structures by designing noncollocated sensors and actuators satisfying a pseudo-collocation criterion in the low-frequency domain. This technique is applied to a simply supported plate with a point force actuator and a piezoelectric sensor, for which we give some theoretical and numerical results. We(More)
The recent popularity of post-denitrification processes in the greater Paris area wastewater treatment plants has caused a resurgence of the presence of nitrite in the Seine River. Controlling the production of nitrite during the post-denitrification process has thus become a major technical issue. Research studies have been led in the MOCOPEE program(More)
The great flexibility of a view camera allows the acquisition of high quality images that would not be possible any other way. Bringing a given object into focus is however a long and tedious task, although the underlying optical laws are known. A fundamental parameter is the aperture of the lens entrance pupil because it directly affects the depth of(More)
Comprehension of metabolic pathways is considerably enhanced by metabolic flux analysis MFA-ILE in isotope labeling experiments. The balance equations are given by hundreds of algebraic stationary MFA or ordinary differential equations nonstationary MFA, and reducing the number of operations is therefore a crucial part of reducing the computation cost. The(More)
We study a simple general scenario of ad hoc networks based on IEEE 802.11 wireless communications, consisting in a chain of transmitters, each of them being in the carrier sense area of its neighbors. Each transmitter always attempts to send some data frames to one receiver in its transmission area, forming a pair sender-receiver. This scenario includes(More)