Stéphane Le Dizes

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Received (received date) Revised (revised date) A simple model is presented for the description of steady uniform shear ow of granular material. The model is based on a stress uctuation activated process. The basic idea is that shear between two particles layers induces uctuations in the media that may trigger a shear at some other position. Based on this(More)
Many nuclear facilities release ¹⁴C into the environment, mostly as ¹⁴CO₂, which mixes readily with stable CO₂. This complete isotopic mixing (equilibrium) is often used as the basis for dose assessment models. In this paper, a dynamic compartment model (TOCATTA) has been investigated to describe ¹⁴C transfer in agricultural systems exposed to atmospheric(More)
We study the short-time dynamics of a liquid ligament, held between two solid cylinders, when one is impulsively accelerated along its axis. A set of one-dimensional equations in the slender-slope approximation is used to describe the dynamics, including surface tension and viscous effects. An exact self-similar solution to the linearized equations is(More)
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