Stéphane Kaplan

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Anshel, et. al., introduced a new cryptographic protocol, the Commutator key agreement protocol, whose strength lies heavily on the difficulty of the generalized conjugacy problem in subgroups of the Braid group. A natural approach to this problem is by using a length-based method, with the length of the Garside normal form as a length function. Experiments(More)
We continue here a study of properties of rewrite systems that are not necessarily terminating, but allow for infinite derivations that have a limit. In particular, we give algebraic semantics for theories described by such systems, consider sufficient completeness of hierarchical systems, suggest practical conditions for the existence of a limit and for(More)
Algebraic specifications are now widely used for data structuring and they turn out to be quite useful for various aspects of program development, such as prototyping, assisted program construction, proving properties, etc. [3, 12, 13, 1.5, 16, 17, 181. Some of these applications require adding a notion of computation to algebraic specifications, for(More)