Stéphane Guichard

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Epidemic diphtheria reemerged in the Russian Federation in 1990 and spread to all Newly Independent States (NIS) and Baltic States by the end of 1994. Factors contributing to the epidemic included increased susceptibility of both children and adults, socioeconomic instability, population movement, deteriorating health infrastructure, initial shortages of(More)
Serious vaccine-associated adverse events are rare. To further minimize their occurrence and to provide adequate care to those affected, careful monitoring of immunization programs and case management is required. Unfounded vaccine safety concerns have the potential of seriously derailing effective immunization activities. To address these issues, vaccine(More)
BACKGROUND Poorly managed AEFI undermine immunization programs. Improved surveillance in SEAR countries means more AEFIs but management varies. SEAR brought countries together to share AEFI experiences, and learn more about causality assessment. METHODS Three day 10 country workshop (9 SEAR; 1 WPR). Participants outlined county AEFI experiences, undertook(More)
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