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A new method based on thermal quadrupoles is presented to model the behavior of a single stage Si/SiGe micro-cooler in AC operating regime. The cold side temperature is calculated for different excitation frequencies, current magnitudes and device sizes. The sensitivity and precision of this method come from its analytical expressions, which are based on(More)
We have studied the electrically induced off-plane surface displacement on two microelectronic devices using Scanning Joule Expansion Microscopy (SJEM). We present the experimental method and surface displacement results. We show that they can be successfully compared with surface displacement images obtained using an optical interferometry method. We also(More)
To date, there is no experimental characterization of thermal conductivity of semiconductor polymeric individual nanowires embedded in a matrix. This work reports on scanning thermal microscopy measurements in a 3ω configuration to determine how the thermal conductivity of individual nanowires made of a model conjugated polymer (P3HT) is modified when(More)
Using a Femtosecond Transient Thermoreflectance ͑FTT͒ technique, we studied the thermomechanical properties of two Si/ SiGe superlattices. A theoretical model is presented which agrees well with the experimental results and allows us to determine the cross-plan thermal conductivity of the superlattices at room temperature. We also show that, from the(More)