Stéphane Grauby

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We present an imaging technique to measure static surface displacements of electronic components. A device is supplied by a transient current that creates a variation of temperature, thus a surface displacement. To measure the latter, a setup that is based on a Michelson interferometer is used. To avoid the phenomenon of speckle and the drawbacks inherent(More)
A new method based on thermal quadrupoles is presented to model the behavior of a single stage Si/SiGe micro-cooler in AC operating regime. The cold side temperature is calculated for different excitation frequencies, current magnitudes and device sizes. The sensitivity and precision of this method come from its analytical expressions, which are based on(More)
We present a thermoreflectance imaging system using a focused laser sweeping the device under test with a scanner made of galvanometric mirrors. We first show that the spatial resolution of this setup is submicrometric, which makes it adapted to microelectronic thermal measurements. Then, we studied qualitative temperature variations on two dissipative(More)
This work analyses the applicability of silicon surface temperature phase measurements as a test observable when a device acting as a heat source dissipates a modulated power function. Specifically, this paper considers two different functions: the phase shift of the temperature waveform as a function of frequency and distance, and the slope of the(More)