Stéphane Fortin

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Visually responsive neurons were recorded in the superficial layers of rat superior colliculus from postnatal day 12 to 28. Receptive field properties such as size, type (ON, OFF, ON-OFF and motion sensitive) and direction selectivity were analyzed to disclose changes during maturation. Although some aspects of sensory properties are modified during(More)
During the first 10 days after birth in the rat there are a succession of major developmental stages in the retinotectal pathway. During most of this time, the only recordable event in the superior colliculus is spontaneous activity. We studied and characterized this spontaneous activity, hypothesizing that it could play an important role in pathway(More)
The present study examined, in the superior colliculus (SC) of anaesthetised cats, the functional connectivity between superficial-layer neurones (SLNs) and tectoreticular neurones (TRNs: collicular output cells). TRNs were antidromically identified by electrical stimulation of the predorsal bundle. The auto- and cross-correlation histograms of visual(More)
Current conceptual models for information fusion, including the JDL model do not consider the fact that their information sources are often based on different ontological bases. We therefore suggest that the Alignment functional process of the JDL model, which caters for space and time common referencing, be augmented with the notional aspect of common(More)
The present investigation is aimed at characterizing the development of ON and OFF visually evoked responses in the rat superior colliculus from postnatal day 13 (P13) to postnatal day 25. Depth profiles of field potentials reveal that ON and OFF long latency biphasic field potentials are already present when collicular cells are first responsive to light(More)
The necessity to conduct military operations in coalition has been established many times throughout history. It is a sociological, political and technological requirement. From a technology point of view, having the militaries work together in coalition imposes technical interoperability requirements on their respective supporting C2 information systems(More)
Simple and complex cells of visual areas of cats may be reliably classified according to the modulatory index (MI) of their responses. This investigation is aimed at analysing the MI in area 18 when a small region (about 200-400 microm in diameter) of area 17 was inactivated with a microinjection of GABA, in anesthetized cats. Cells were stimulated with(More)
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