Stéphane Califice

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Epigenetic silencing of the DNA repair protein O(6)-methylguanine-DNA methyltransferase (MGMT) by promoter methylation predicts successful alkylating agent therapy, such as with temozolomide, in glioblastoma patients. Stratified therapy assignment of patients in prospective clinical trials according to tumor MGMT status requires a standardized diagnostic(More)
Galectin-3, a multifunctional lectin, is involved during cancer progression. Previous observations showed that both cytosolic expression and nuclear exclusion of galectin-3 in human prostate cancer cells were associated to progression of the disease. In this study, we examined the biological roles of galectin-3 when expressed either in the nucleus or in the(More)
A large body of literature has examined and described galectin expression in cancer. Discrepancies have been observed in the reported data, which hampered clear understanding of the expression profiles. This relates to the use of different types of methods that evaluate either global or specific gene expression in heterogeneous cancer tissue samples, type(More)
Galectin-3 is a pleiotropic carbohydrate-binding protein involved in a variety of normal and pathological biological processes. Its carbohydrate-binding properties constitute the basis for cell-cell and cell-matrix interactions and cancer progression. Modulation of galectin-3 expression in cancer cells has indeed been reported. These observations lead to(More)
AIMS To investigate the correlation between O(6)-methylguanine-DNA-methyltransferase (MGMT) promoter methylation and benefit from temozolomide in patients with recurrent high-grade glioma. PATIENTS AND METHODS A real-time, quantitative, methylation-specific PCR assay was performed on archival tissue blocks from patients treated with temozolomide at the(More)
Galectin-1 (gal-1) is a 14-kDa laminin-binding galectin involved in several biologic events including regulation of cancer cell proliferation and adhesion to the matrix. In this study, we examined gal-1 expression in 30 human epithelial ovary carcinoma samples by Western and Northern blotting and by immunohistochemistry. Gal-1 mRNA levels were increased in(More)
Sulfasalazine, a NF-kappaB and x(c)-cystine/glutamate antiport inhibitor, has demonstrated a strong antitumoral potential in preclinical models of malignant gliomas. As it presents an excellent safety profile, we initiated a phase 1/2 clinical study of this anti-inflammatory drug for the treatment of recurrent WHO grade 3 and 4 astrocytic gliomas in adults.(More)
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