Stéphane Burgos

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New derivatives of isoindole -4,7-dione have been synthesized and their radiation sensitization and chemical behavior have been studied. One-electron reduction potentials have been determined by pulse radiolysis and found to be in the range of -0.45 to -0.36 V vs NHE . Radiosensitization effects were tested in vivo using soft tissue sarcoma transplanted in(More)
The advent of affordable drones capable of taking high resolution images of agricultural fields creates new challenges and opportunities in aerial scene understanding. This paper tackles the problem of recognizing crop types from aerial imagery and proposes a new hybrid neural network architecture which combines histograms and convolutional units. We(More)
The concentrations of α/β-thujone and the bitter components of Artemisia absinthium were quantified from alcoholic wormwood extracts during four phenological stages of their harvest period. A solid-phase micro-extraction method coupled to gas chromatography-mass spectrometry was used to determine the concentration of the two isomeric forms of thujone. In(More)
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