Stéphane Bonneaud

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Do people in a crowd behave like a set of isolated individuals or like a cohesive group? Studies of crowd modeling usually consider pedestrian behavior either from the point of view of an isolated individual or from that of large swarms. We introduce here a study of small crowds walking towards a common goal and propose to make the link between individual(More)
For an integrated simulation such as the natural environment affected by human society, it is indispensable to provide an integrated simulator that incorporates multiple computational models. We proposed a multi-layer socio-environmental simulation by layering the social interaction scenario on environmental simulation. For this simulation, we connect two(More)
Coherent collective behavior emerges from local interactions between individuals that generate group dynamics. An outstanding question is how to quantify group coherence in order to understand the nature of these dynamics. We investigate this problem in the context of a small group of pedestrians instructed simply to walk to a goal. To measure the degree of(More)