Stéphane Bernard Bazan

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The far-reaching impact of the Web on society is widely recognised. The interdisciplinary study of this impact has crystallised in the field of study known as Web Science. However, defining an agreed, shared understanding of what constitutes web science requires complex negotiation and translations of understandings across component disciplines, national(More)
The Middle-East has witnessed a tremendous increase in Information Warfare Operations on the Web in the last two years. The strategy developed by the ISIS group to increase visibility and reach takes advantage of various core competencies of digital media communication. By identifying actions and observing their impact in the specific context of the Middle(More)
This paper presents a case study on a particular higher education environment project (INNOV), where teachers use Web 2.0 applications to create online professional communities through an empowering learning strategy. The study focuses on how teachers, with basic knowledge of Web 2.0 tools will experience community building processes, add professional value(More)
In January 2012, Saint-Joseph University of Beirut's Faculty of Economics decided to introduce the "Web Science and Digital Economy" Master program, based on the Web Science Curriculum. The design of this program raised a lot of questions among involved faculties, on the interdisciplinary nature of Web Science, on the need to engage students with(More)
Research on Information Warfare on the Web is still at an early stage and the question of the true nature of Cyberwarfare actions that target the Web needs to be answered on both conceptual and methodological levels. Existing research proved that the Web is a new battlefield with specific strategic objectives, but research needs to create assessment tools(More)
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