Stéphane Bahrami

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PURPOSE To prospectively correlate multidetector computed tomographic (CT) perfusion measurement of pancreatic endocrine tumors with tumor microvascular density (MVD) assessed by using histologic techniques and to determine whether perfusion CT parameters differ between tumor grades. MATERIALS AND METHODS Institutional review board approval and informed(More)
BACKGROUND & AIMS Information regarding long-term HBsAg kinetics during treatment with nucleoside/nucleotide analogues is limited. The aim of the present study was to assess whether finite nucleoside/nucleotide analogue treatment duration could be envisaged during the patient's lifetime. METHODS Patients with chronic hepatitis B receiving different(More)
UNLABELLED Hepatocellular adenomas (HCAs) are divided into genotype/phenotype subgroups associated with different evolutive profiles. Therefore, recognition of subtype is of clinical importance in patient management. Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) is considered the most informative imaging modality and liver biopsy a key diagnostic tool whose role in HCA(More)
To prospectively assess the diagnostic performance of contrast-enhanced ultrasound (CEUS) and MR imaging in incidental solid focal liver lesions not characterised on ultrasound. Forty-seven patients with 50 lesions underwent MR imaging and CEUS: 24 focal nodular hyperplasias (FNH), 11 adenomas, 10 haemangiomas, 1 focal fatty change and 4 malignant lesions(More)
OBJECTIVE To investigate how gestational age and prior vaginal birth affect cervical anatomy on magnetic resonance imaging during pregnancy. STUDY DESIGN Magnetic resonance images of the cervix were obtained in consecutive patients referred for a suspected fetal abnormality. We used an image processing protocol to measure cervical dimensions, orientation,(More)
BACKGROUND Many patients with DMD undergo tracheostomy. Tracheostomy is associated with certain complications, however its effect on prognosis is not known. METHODS The relationship between type of mechanical ventilation and survival at 12 years was evaluated in a prospective cohort of patients with Duchenne muscular dystrophy followed in a French(More)
BACKGROUND After spinal cord injury (SCI), most men cannot ejaculate without medical assistance. A major advance in the knowledge of the spinal control of ejaculation has been achieved with the discovery of a spinal generator of ejaculation (SGE) in the rat. The aim of this report was to review studies about ejaculation after SCI in order to revisit the(More)
OBJECTIVES To assess determinants of loss to follow-up (FU) at 2 time points of an inception traumatic brain injury (TBI) cohort. DESIGN AND PARTICIPANTS The PariS-TBI study consecutively included 504 adults with severe TBI on the accident scene (76% male, mean age 42 years, mean Glasgow Coma Scale 5). No exclusion criteria were used. MAIN MEASURE Loss(More)
This study evaluated compliance with non-invasive ventilation in patients with myotonic dystrophy type 1 and identified predictors of cessation at 5 years in a cohort of patients followed in a specialist center for Neuromuscular Diseases in France. Mechanical ventilation in these patients poses a very strong challenge to caregivers. Factors predicting(More)
BACKGROUND The prospective payment system for the French short-stay hospitals creates a financial incentive to reduce length of stay. The potential impact of the resulting decrease in length of stay on the quality of healthcare is unknown. Readmission rates are valid outcome indicators for some clinical procedures. METHODS Retrospective study of the(More)