Stéphane Attal

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We compute the quantum Langevin equation (or quantum stochastic differential equation) representing the action of a quantum heat bath at thermal equilibrium on a simple quantum system. These equations are obtained by taking the continuous limit of the Hamiltonian description for repeated quantum interactions with a sequence of photons at a given density(More)
A new model of quantum random walks is introduced, on lattices as well as on finite graphs. These quantum random walks take into account the behavior of open quantum systems. They are the exact quantum analogue of classical Markov chains. We explore the “quantum trajectory” point of view on these quantum random walks, that is, we show that measuring the(More)
Open Quantum Random Walks, as developed in [1], are the exact quantum generalization of Markov chains on finite graphs or on nets. These random walks are typically quantum in their behavior, step by step, but they seem to show up a rather classical asymptotic behavior, as opposed to the quantum random walks usually considered in Quantum Information Theory(More)
We consider a non-interacting bipartite quantum system HA S ⊗ HB S undergoing repeated quantum interactions with an environment modeled by a chain of independant quantum systems interacting one after the other with the bipartite system. The interactions are made so that the pieces of environment interact first with HA S and then with HB S . Even though the(More)