Stéphan Rouzière

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We report on the direct observation by x-ray diffuse scattering measurements of thermally induced one-dimensional nanoscale ordered fluctuations in the mixed-stack charge-transfer molecular system tetrathiafulvalene-p chloranil (TTF-CA), the prototype for the neutral-ionic phase transition. The unusual physical properties of this compound are considered to(More)
Osteoporosis represents a major public health problem through its association with fragility fractures. The public health burden of osteoporotic fractures will rise in future generations, due in part to an increase in life expectancy. Strontium-based drugs have been shown to increase bone mass in postmenopausal osteoporosis patients and to reduce fracture(More)
INTRODUCTION Odontoblasts are responsible for the synthesis of dentin throughout the life of the tooth. Tooth pulp tissue may undergo a pathologic process of mineralization, resulting in formation of pulp stones. Although the prevalence of pulp stones in dental caries is significant, their development and histopathology are poorly understood, and their(More)
Liquid crystals have found wide applications in many fields ranging from detergents to information displays and they are also increasingly being used in the 'bottom-up' self-assembly approach of material nano-structuration. Moreover, liquid-crystalline organizations are frequently observed by biologists. Here we show that one of the four major lyotropic(More)
OBJECTIVE Revisiting the chemical diversity of the crystalline phases of prostatic calculi by means of SEM and FT-IR analysis. METHODS A set of 32 prostatic calculi has been studied by FT-IR and SEM. RESULTS FT-IR analysis has determined the chemical composition of each prostatic calculus and the SEM observation has described the morphology of the(More)
Clay/polymer nanocomposites have recently raised much interest because of their widespread industrial applications. Nevertheless, controlling both clay platelet exfoliation and orientation during polymerization still remains challenging. Herein, we report the elaboration of clay/polymer nanocomposite hydrogels from aqueous suspensions of natural swelling(More)
The effect of mixing calcium and oxalate precursors by diffusion at miscible liquid interfaces on calcium oxalate crystalline phases, and in physiological conditions (concentrations and flow rates), is studied using a microfluidic channel. This channel has similar dimensions as the collection duct in human kidneys and serves as a biomimetic model in order(More)
We aimed to examine the presence of Zn, a trace element, in osteoarthritis (OA) cartilage and meniscus from patients undergoing total knee joint replacement for primary OA. We mapped Ca(2+) and Zn(2+) at the mesoscopic scale by X-ray fluorescence microanalysis (μX-ray) to determine the spatial distribution of the 2 elements in cartilage, μX-ray absorption(More)